Prague Pleinair

29/05 – 1/06 2024

Dear friends, we can’t wait to see you at the International Watercolor Pleinair in Prague. This is a great opportunity to meet friends and share your watercolour experience in one of the most beautiful European Capitals.

The program may be adjusted depending on the weather. We will always put the up to date information here and also in Whatsapp group chat.



Welcome Party

Caffé Adria | Národní 36 | View Map
Registred participants

17:00 → Arriving time

18:00 → Opening

Welcome drink and Opening speech
Live music and Sketching

19:00 → Nila Colori

Brand presentation

19:30 → Master Demo

Tomas Fisera | CZE | Daniel Smith
José Herrera Gallegos | MEX | Daniel Smith



9:00 → Meeting point

Zlatá loď | 37 416 Národní | View Map
✔︎ All participants

All day → Plein-air

Around Old Town Square | View Map
✔︎ All participants

9:30 → Workshop

Marina Abramova | DE | View Map
Registred participants

10:00 → Master Demo

Eugenie Gorpinič | CZE | Rosa | View Map
✔︎ All participants

12:00 → Tour

Around Prague
✔︎ All participants

14:00 → Workshop

Jorge Corpuna | PER | Daniel Smith | Plein-air
Registred participants

14:00 → Workshop

Rabi Alieva | DE | da Vinci | Hahnemühle | Plein-air
Registred participants

17:00 → Master Demo

Anna Tauschke | DE | sketching with Rosa | View Map
✔︎ All participants

18:30 → Dinner

U Černého Medvěda | View Map
★ Pre-registration required



9:00 → Meeting point

Malostranská | Park Klárov | View Map
✔︎ All participants

All day → Plein-air

Around Malá Strana | View Map
✔︎ All participants

9:30 → Workshop

Nadja Leutloff | DE | Winsor Newton | View Map
Registred participants

10:00 → Watercolor for beginners

Tatiana Bykova | CZE | Lecture | View Map
✔︎ All participants

12:00 → DIY Workshop

Bring your Prague Pleinair bag | View Map
✔︎ All participants

14:00 → Workshop

Julia Ustinovich | POL | Renesans | Live with the model | View Map
Registred participants

14:30 → Master Demo

Iryna Sanotskaya | ITA | Borciani & Bonazzi | Painting with 2 hands
✔︎ All participants

20:00 → Evening program, Master Demo

Margarita Verner | CZE | QoR | View Map
✔︎ All participants



9:00 → Meeting point

Namesti Republiky | View Map
✔︎ All participants

All day → Plein-air

Around Namesti Republiky | View Map
✔︎ All participants

9:30 → Workshop

Alex Hillkurtz | FRA | Daniel Smith | View Map
Registred participants

14:00 → Workshop

Darya Mitta | NLD | View Map
Registred participants

19:00 → Closing event

Raffle of gifts from our sponsors | Hoffa BarView Map
✔︎ All participants


We have a lot of questions about the locations of the events. Please understand that this is pleinair, and all the locations will be announced a bit closer to the event due to the weather conditions. Though we plan everything to be around the city centre.


Please contact us for the recommended areas of Prague and some tips.

Our sponsor Women Only Hostel offers for solo female travellers a special discount.  

Please contact the owner directly. Don’t forget to mention Prague Pleinair and which property you are interested in.


Pleinair participation – 40 EUR

including sponsors presents, guaranteed place at the dinner and evening activities locations, artist demos, closing event, certificate of participation, photo-report from professional photographer.

Opening party – 10 EUR

Additional (Select in the form)

Workshops – 40 EUR

4 hour workshop of your choice with the limited participants.
Important! The workshops of the same day might overlap each other in terms of time. We suggest you choose one workshop per day.

Payment details will come to your email after registration.


Marina Abramova / Germany / 30.05. / 9:00 - 13:00 - SOLD OUT
Rabi Alieva / Germany / 30.05. / 14.00 - 18.00 - SOLD OUT (Overlapping with WS of Jorge Corpuna)
Jorge Corpuna / Peru / 30.05. / 14:00 - 18:00 - SOLD OUT
Nadja Leutloff / Germany / 31.05. / 9:00 - 13:00 - SOLD OUT
Alex Hillkurtz / France / 01.06. / 9:00 - 13:00 - SOLD OUT
Daria Mitta / Netherlands / 01.06. / 14:00 - 18:00 - SOLD OUT

FAQ for Prague Pleinair Participants:

Workshops are sold out, what's the point in coming for your event?

Workshops aren’t the primary focus of our event. Prague Pleinair is about an actual organised pleinair (painting outside with a beautiful view surrounded by all-level artist fellows) which we have planned for every day of our event. Prague Pleinair is about networking, connecting with like-minded individuals, and immersing yourself in the vibrant community of artists. Join us for the opportunity to paint together amidst the stunning backdrop of Prague. 

Furthermore you can enjoy many other free activities, like demonstrations from esteemed artists, presentations, collective activities, partake in our opening party, nightly programs, and receive sponsor gifts.

Is it okay if I'm not a professional painter?

Absolutely! Our event welcomes painters of all levels, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. You’ll find a diverse mix of participants, and skill level is irrelevant. Prague Pleinair isn’t a course or competition; it’s a gathering of individuals who share a passion for painting and creativity.

Do I need special equipment to participate?

No, you’re free to use whatever materials you’re comfortable with. A simple sketchbook and a few colours are sufficient. Closer to the workshop dates, we’ll provide a list of materials needed for specific artists’ workshops. But ultimately, it’s up to you and your painting preferences.

What's the difference between a master demo and artist workshops?

In our workshops, participants pay to engage with a limited number of fellow painters. The instructor demonstrates techniques, provides guidance, and assists participants in their creative process. On the other hand, master demos are free events open to all participants. Esteemed artists create a painting during the event for attendees to observe, offering valuable insights and inspiration.

Is knowing English important or necessary?

While English serves as the primary language for our website and communication channels, it’s not essential for participation. Our diverse community includes individuals fluent in various languages, including Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, German and more. You’ll find a welcoming atmosphere regardless of your language proficiency.

How will it look and what to prepare for?

We will be painting outside in the agreed locations in Prague. Please check the photos on how it was before. 

Please keep in mind that the weather can affect being outside. It is good to check the forecast and dress accordingly. Good to have a cap or panama and sunscreen, or a raincoat in case of rainy weather. We,  as an organisation, will also check the weather to make final adjustments on the selected locations.  

Many artists bring tripods, or small chairs to have a seat during painting. Even though Prague is full of shops and affordable cafes, some snack and water would also be nice to have – not to get distracted during the painting process.

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